Compound interest

Committing a crime in UP, recovering it with compound interest: Ex-DGP | Lucknow News


repression of crime: ex-DGP AK Jain addressing the conclave

Lucknow: If you engage in criminal activity in Uttar Pradesh, you will get it back with compound interest, former DGP AK Jain said, speaking to “Destination UP Conclave” on Monday.
He said the elements of the Mafia were treated harshly and the way they were crushed will be an example for generations to come. “Government lands have been freed from criminals and it will have a permanent impact if it continues like this for a few years,” said the former DGP.
“The action taken in the aftermath of Bikru’s carnage will be remembered for a long time, the whole gang was wiped out. The gang would extort money and get help. It is for this reason that no development or investment was taking place in the state, ”he said.
The former DGP said the UP was infamous for organized crime, kidnappings for ransom and occupation of government land, but since the current government came to power there has been a complete change; criminals keep a low profile or serve jail time.
The former DGP praised the UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for his administrative prowess and for keeping the police on their toes by giving specific instructions on cases, arranging video conferences with the police before any big event and emphasizing that no one should be spared. “No politician can now interfere in the work of the police,” he said. “The CM itself examines all sensitive cases,” he said. The way UP CM responded to violence during the anti-CAA and NRC protest in Lucknow and other towns across the state is commendable and after its action, no incidents or violence were reported in the State.
Not only the police, but the capacities and technical resources of the counterterrorism brigade and the special force are strengthened, he said. The ATS is now also stationed in Deoband, Jewar Airport and near the Nepalese border. UP police recently carried out a massive recruitment drive that was long overdue, he added.
“CM did not care about powerful lobbies and instead created four police stations in the UP. The idea of ​​a police station in Kanpur arose a long time ago, but the decision was scrapped before the new commissioner took charge, ”Jain said, adding credit for ensuring that he there was no visible tension in the state before the festivals and the relaxed atmosphere goes to CM. “The revenues have also increased by several times because of the atmosphere in the state. The police budget is also increased, which was the need of the hour, ”he said.
“You can change the perception, you can convert it from a bad job to a good job and that’s what policing is. The perception of law and order should be equal for the rich and the poor, ”he said.