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When managing your money, compound interest can help you increase your net worth safely. In its simplest terms, compound interest helps money multiply at an accelerated rate. Review this information and determine which is best for your situation.

What is compound interest?

Simply put, compound interest multiplies the total amount saved by the annual interest rate to give you a total amount earned during the investment. You multiply your investment by the number of compounding periods. Some investments have longer capitalization periods than others, and some investments take a long time to mature while others evolve much faster.

How does compound interest affect your savings?

Compound interest works as a way your money works for you when it’s just sitting there. For example, if you take $100 (your “capital”) and put it under the mattress where it earns no interest, in 10 years you would have the same $100. However, if you could earn 5% interest compounded annually on that money, you would end up with $162.89 after 10 years, or $62.89 more. If you started with $5,000, the resulting amount is $8,144.47 or $3,144.47 more. That’s a big difference in results.

In today’s low interest rate environment – high yield savings accounts, money market funds and short-term certificates of deposit pay less than 1% interest – finding a place that would making 5% interest in 2022 without the risk of losing your principal is unlikely. Savers are unlikely to earn 30 years of risk-free, guaranteed interest at 5%, but you see how compound interest helps you.

If the compound interest rate is changed to a more modest and realistic compound interest rate of 1% over 10 years and you deposit $100, you would end up with $110.46 if your money was compounded annually (10, $46 more). The $5,000 example gives $5,523.11 or $532.11 more. Even though the returns aren’t great when you’re earning 1% interest versus 5%, they allow you to get money that you wouldn’t have had if it had just been left in a jar. The extra amount earned at 1% is not as satisfying as the higher rate of 5%, which is why investors today may turn to riskier financial vehicles like the stock market or US bonds. companies for higher returns.

How does the compound interest calculator work?

A compound interest calculator tells you how much money you can expect to see after a certain period of time with a specific interest rate. It handles the calculation for you so you can understand the return to expect.

For example:

You make an initial investment of $1,000: You can choose the amount you want. It’s never too late to start investing.

Contribute $100 to the investment per month: You can also contribute at different intervals, different amounts and with different goals. The account can be part of a trust or your own account.

More than 10 years: You decide the duration of the contributions. Some people save for retirement, but others save for the nearer future.

At 3% compounded annually: Every investment is different and it helps to know what kind of return you can expect.

In 10 years, you would have $15,100.57 if the interest rate stayed the same and you continued to contribute at that rate: You would have contributed $13,000 and earned $2,100.57 in interest. Using the calculator helps you determine how much you can expect to see. Plus, you can choose terms along the way to figure out how much money you’d see if you stopped saving sooner.

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Compound interest formula

A formula that tells you how much your principal balance will increase to (P’) based on the initial principal amount P appears below:



P’ = the new principal amount
P = the initial amount of the deposit or the principal
r = the annualized nominal interest rate expressed in decimal
n = how often interest is compounded per year
t = the number of periods elapsed in years

The total amount of compound interest (I) generated by this investment is then equal to the new principal amount (P’) minus the amount of the initial deposit (P):

I = P’-P= P(1+r/n)^nt – P = P((1+r/n)^nt – 1)

Use compound interest to improve your finances

Using compound interest to improve your finances is just one way to save money for the future. Choose the most appropriate investments to grow your money based on your personal risk tolerance, targeting your goals and giving you the peace of mind you rightly deserve. You can use a compound interest calculator that helps you see the total amount of money you can earn over a number of calculation periods.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Compound Interest Make You Rich?


Can Compound Interest Make You Rich?


Patton Hunnicutt


When you save with compound interest, you make your money work for you. However, saving with compound interest for a short time and at the low interest rates available in 2022 probably won’t be enough to help you build massive wealth.

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