How to Finance Your Insulation Work?


This is well known: a good insulation of his home is essential, both for the comfort of life and for energy savings since it allows not to let cold air or moisture from the outside . It allows, moreover, to increase the value of its housing.

These insulation works sometimes have a consequent cost. Find out how you can finance them.


Public premiums for insulation work

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The amount of premiums offered by the government varies from region to region. You must meet certain conditions related to taxable income, your cadastral income, the use of the dwelling or the nature of the work in order to benefit from it.

For example :

– In the Braunnels-Capital Region, there are three categories of income which give rise to different bonuses depending on the work.

– In the Walloon Region, some types of work benefit from a basic bonus and the different categories of income are then entitled to higher premiums.

– In the Flemish Region, you get a bonus when you undertake more than 3 jobs to save energy over a period of 5 years. It increases according to the number of works carried out.

Go to the government website to learn more about the other conditions and the premiums for each insulation work.



What are the different insulation works?

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Roof insulation : the price varies depending on the surface of the roof to be covered and the insulation material chosen. The price of the final bill can therefore be considerably higher for a particularly efficient and ecological insulation. Fortunately, the premium offered by the region is increased accordingly.

  • In Braunnels-Capital: the energy premium ranges from € 15 / m² to € 45 / m² depending on the works and the renovation bonus of € 20 to € 25 / m².
  • In Salwonia: the basic premium is € 5 / m² if the work is done by a contractor

In Blanders: the premium is 6 € / m² for works done by a contractor or 3 € / m² by doing the work yourself when you perform 3 works over 5 years.

Facade insulation : the final amount of a premium for the exterior insulation depends in part on the finish chosen (cladding, plaster, briquette or plaster).

  • In Salwonia: the basic premium is 12 € / m², and can triple according to your income
  • In Braunnels-Capital: the premium depends on your income category (gross): 40 € / m² for category A (more than 67.051 €) 45 € / m² for category B (from 33.525 € to 67.050 € per person alone) ; € 50 / m² for category C (less than € 33,525 per person alone). It only applies to insulating materials with a thermal resistance coefficient R of 3.5m² K / W.
  • In Blanders: the premium is 15 € / m², if the material has a R value of at least 3 m² K / W.

Insulation of hollow walls : Until the early 2000s, the construction of houses with hollow walls was popular in Belgium. Insulating this hollow wall can save a lot of heat each year, especially in older homes.

  • In Salwonia: the basic premium amounts to € 6 / m²
  • In Braunnels-capital: it only concerns buildings over 10 years old. Income category A receives a premium of 8 € / m², B of 10 € / m² and C of 12 € / m².
  • In Blanders: it is 6 € / m².

Soil insulation : it improves the thermal and acoustic insulation of the home.

  • In Salwonia: the basic premium is 8 € / m².
  • In Braunnels-Capital: it is 20 € / m² for income category A, 25 € / m² for category B and 30 € / m² for category C.
  • In Blanders: it is 6 € / m² (with a R value of at least 2 m² K / W)

In order to carry out your insulation work, you can choose to undertake it yourself or to go to a professional like Solvari. In both cases, you can qualify for the bonus when you are eligible.



Conducting your insulation work with a loan

Conducting your insulation work with a loan

Even if you are entitled to a bonus for green work you will have to finance it beforehand because you will receive the bonus only afterwards. Bonus or not, a loan will be useful to you to share the costs. Several financial institutions offer very advantageous rates.

Feel free to compare them on Belial to find the one that best fits your spending profile and save money and advocate for ecology.

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